The station is as far as I know almost unique in the field of Maritime communications as it is located in a country with no coast.

They do however have a Merchant Navy!! Click HERE for the Web Site

Bernradio is working H16 (0600 - 2200 UTC European Wintertime and 0500-2100 UTC European Summertime) on voice and H24 on SITOR telex.

They also offer a 24-hour service for the exchange of other data (e-mail and fax).

The following three pictures were sent to me by Rolf DL9CM

They show the old location in the city of Bern one picture is of the CW position and the other is the Speech operating position

The RX site was in Riedern about 15Km from Bern

The TX site was near the lake in Genf

Please click on the image for a larger version

The CW operating position The SSB operating position The Receiving site at Riedern in winter

The following pictures were sent me by Marianne Mäder at Bern Radio

They are all © Mr Herbert Kaufmann

Bernradio at Riedern near Bern A view from one of the antennas Operating desk
Hermes Magnetic Loop array antenna The Radio Room at Bernradio


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